Malaysian SEO Consultant

Karven Tan SEO Consultant

I’ve been providing search engine optimization services and helping to increase website rankings since 2005. Among the notable projects that I’ve handled are – Orangesoft (web design firm) and Beehomes Malaysia (property portal).


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Why SEO is important for your website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to success for any website. It helps your business become more visible when relevant keywords are used in searches via search engines. The SEO advantage includes:

High ROI

An effective SEO campaign can bring in a higher return on your investment than any other form of marketing that your company can embark on. This will subsequently translate into increased sales and a heftier profit margin.

Long term positioning

Once a website has established its high-ranking position through an SEO campaign, it will be able to retain the position in the long term. In the long run, SEO is more cost effective than other to drive traffic to your website.

Targeted Traffic

SEO campaigns can increase the number of visitors to your website for targeted keywords or phrases. Compared, so that people are more likely to find your company and discover your presence.

Increase Visibility

Once a website has been equipped with SEO, its visibility in search engines will improve significantly. More traffic, i.e. potential clients, will be able to find your website, giving your products and services international recognition.

Karven Tan

What makes a website truly successful? Some might say that the way a website looks is very important. Certainly many business owners and web designers tend to focus on the appearance of a website. While visuals are important, eye-cathing features like flashy graphics, videos and animations aren’t the only things you need to achieve and maintain a professional online presence.

In fact, these features are absolutely useless when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), which is what improves the visibility of your website in search engines. Did you know, for example, that search engines can’t ‘crawl’ flash animation and follow links that are embedded in Javascript or are tucked away behind graphic navigation bars?

No matter how professionally-designed a website is, it can still be hard for potential customers to find online. This is especially true if the website isn’t listed in search engines or ranked high enough to be visible within the first two pages of search results. To get better online visibilty, you need SEO. It’ll make your website a lot more visible and easier for customers to find.